Tips on Balancing Working from Home and Homeschooling

Amidst this pandemic, anything and everything can be overwhelming and may cause an imbalance at home. From being stuck indoors or worried about an uncertain future, or from loss of a job to an increase in food consumption and above all, finding a balance between homeschooling infant children and working from home.

Below are a few tips to guide you through this pandemic and to ensure sanity:

  1. Early to bed, early to rise! – Encourage everyone to go to bed at a reasonable time so that everyone gets enough rest
  1. Complete home chores first!
  1. Children should get ready for the day by taking a shower, having breakfast and start school at a reasonable time, plus allow your children to take necessary breaks and lunch/meals
  1. Do a daily To-do-list for ALL persons in your home
  1. Do a weekly schedule for each child and place it where it can be easily seen – eg. refrigerator
  1. Make your child aware of your work hours so that there is no distraction
  1. Allow those who can work independently to do so but attend to smaller children at a time when your job duties are less
  1. At the end of the day, review each task to ensure all was completed
  1. Always include some fun/family  time at the end of the day

After all, every situation is different but please find a balance between work and school in order to maintain your mental state of being! Not every tip works for everyone and we may all have different situations at home. The key to finding balance is to do things you enjoy!