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Courses are approved by the Ministry of Education and follows the syllabus as is in school, so your child stays on track with what is being taught in the classroom. Keep a look out for new courses coming online all the time.


Get access to all subjects for your grade plus access to e-books, interactive videos, games and notes as well as live tutorials, teacher-guided chats to ensure your child passes their exam the first time. Paid packages are cost effective to ensure learning is inclusive to everyone.


With 24/7 access to learning materials, you can take anywhere you go and learn anytime you want. Plus, students are rewarded for academic excellence through an automated points system and can redeem points for great prizes.

Who We Are is a Caribbean based online test preparation website for subjects pursued in grades 1 to 13 (i.e. primary school all the way to CAPE level) Available 24/7 on smartphones, laptops and tablets! All content follows your local curriculum, so you or your child stays on track with what is being taught in the classroom. Our site has hundreds of interactive PEP, G6NAT, CSEC and CAPE test materials for each subject offered. Our extensive PEP content is created by Dr Shalette Ashman, author of Ability Test Workbooks PEP Practice for grades 4, 5 and 6 and Performance Task PEP Practice for grades 4, 5 and 6.

On, while students learn, they are rewarded for academic excellence through our amazing automated points system and can redeem points for great prizes! Start learning today!

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Our Testimonials

Content is great and Learninghub is a great additional resource for my child.

Syon Watson

Grade 5

I learnt about the website from the MOE advisory and so far the content seems very good.

Aria Watson

Grade 7

Site is great!

Leandra Williams

Grade 4

Smooth sailing.

Malik Boothe

Grade 5

Content is incredible. Heard about LearningHub from social media; site is easy to navigate.

Shameika Daure

Grade 6

Learned about website from school and signed up. So far the content is great.

Aaliyah Campbell

Grade 13

Site is a “life saver”. I learnt about site from school teacher. Content is great and is up to date.

Raymond Bailey

Grade 6

Content is is good.

Cameo-Lee Smith

Grade 12

Content is awesome. Child has been using the site frequently and is happy for the additional help.

Tajae Muir

Grade 6

Content is great. Uses the site a lot to assist child with learning at home.

Milan Francis

Grade 3

Great additional resource for child. Seems up to date with curriculum. Navigating the website is smooth.

Hinal Lohana

Grade 4

Content is great. All the subjects that she is interested in are available.

Neah White

Grade 13

Amazing content; website was running smoothly.

Alissa Jaswal

Grade 5

Great content.

Kenoy Brown

Grade 6

Content is great.

Nia Virgo

Grade 11

I learnt about site from co worker; amazing work, materials and content!

Alexia James

Grade 5

I learnt about website from school. Content is amazing and really helpful.

Syrena Blackwood

Grade 4

Learned about site from teacher. Great content.

Alrick Woolery

Grade 11

Content is good.

Amelia Masters

Grade 9

This website is a great additional resource. I love that the content is not stagnant. Videos are great.

Tetannia Levy-Jennings

Grade 6

I find the website is user friendly and quizzes are great.

Ryel Paris

Grade 6

So far the site is great and the content looks pretty good.

Alana Gooden

Grade 5

My child loves it and uses it often with her school work.

Zachary Merchant

Grade 6

This site has been a great addition to my child’s learning. Content is similar to the curriculum. I have recommended this to other parents.

Eden Campbell

Grade 5

My school recommended this site, it’s great; easy to navigate and has lots of videos.

Justine Bailey

Grade 6

I found out about this site from the MOE and I love it.

Suewayne Hyman

Grade 10

I love this site and I use it everyday. Told all my friends about it.

Samantha Brown

Grade 11

I love this site.

Tyria Thompson

Grade 6

My experience has been great so far and I have recommended it to all my friends.

Machalia Mckenzie

Grade 11

This website was recommended to me by the principal at my school. I love it. I have been using it regulary ever since signing up.

Norjay Gray

Grade 10

I have been using the site since the start of the year and I think the content is great.

Ethan Golaub

Grade 6