Digicel launches online ‘Learning Hub’ platform

Digicel, in collaboration with the ministry responsible for telecommunications, the Ministry of Education and The Learning Hub, has launched an online platform called “Learning Hub” designed to make learning easy and interactive for students and prepare them to pass their Primary, CSEC or CAPE exams on the first attempt.

The Learning Hub is described as an advanced learning platform, designed as a Caribbean education platform. Its primary purpose is to allow students to access primary and secondary school subject materials online.

Chief Executive Officer of Digicel Dominica, Nikima Royer Jno. Baptiste said close to 9,000 students will be granted free access to this initiative.

Royer made this statement at the platform’s launch on September 5th, 2019 at the Financial Centre’s Finance Conference Room.

“The world is going digital and so are we. We are so proud to have partnered with the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica… to bring this platform to approximately nine thousand students and almost fifteen hundred teachers and that is close to eighteen thousand parents,” Royer stated

“Through the platform, teachers and students have access to resources to the primary and secondary school levels tailored for local and regional CAPE curricula. Through this partnership, we provide exclusive free access to Learning Hub to Digicel customers with the post-paid or pre-paid mobile plan,” Royer Jno Baptiste explained. “This means then, customers with a Digicel mobile data plan can access Learning Hub via their phone without using their data or having to pay anything.”

She said the platform offers access to subject content, interactive videos, notes quizzes and tests, mock exams, and online tutors via a chatroom where teachers can access grades of students, assign homework and track students’ progress.

The primary level of the hub will include four subjects: Math, Science, English and Social Studies and the secondary level includes nine subjects, some of which are Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Principles of Business.

Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, Chandler Hyacinth said for the past two days, sixty teachers on island have been exposed to the Learning Hub.

“E-Education is one of our strategies within the Ministry of Education to infuse technology into the education system…to increase technological use in our classrooms and in the long run, to build resilience into the system,” Hyacinth stated.

“The learning hub online is one of the many new technologies to be introduced into our schools and we expect it to impact on our teaching and learning. Over the past last two days sixty teachers were exposed to the platform. We want to encourage our teachers to get there fellow staff members excited about technology and use technology in teaching and learning,” said the education official.

Hyacinth stated that classrooms in Dominica should resemble the digital age with several devices to enable the digital generation to function and teach our students to be able to use those digital devices in positive ways.

She also said that Dominica is expected to receive 1000 refurbished chrome books by next month, which will be distributed island wide and added that the Ministry of Education hopes to provide electronic whiteboards, E-text books, and laptop devices for teachers and students but that will require a vast investment.

Learning hub will enable students to get access to information and continue their education even after a hurricane or any form of disaster.

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